Wind Lip Side Hit To Save The Day

Posted on Feb 14, 2017
Wind Lip Side Hit To Save The Day

Taking a chance Saturday (February 11th) in Southwest Washington, Kelso and I inspected the snowpack after big rains all week and only a small wave of snow since. We reached 5000ft where a meadow was thick with 6″ of fresh snow. Hopes began to rise. We pushed out to the normal riding area excited at the chance to make snowboard laps but found a beat snowpack. Winds swirled the new snow around over the thick ice crust, leaving only small strips to make turns down.


After two runs, fog started moving in. We packed up shop early and decided to poke around on the sleds as we slowly exited. Low expectations allowed for small features to excite. Within minutes we found a small wind lip that looked good for a natural hit. It worked! Two hours later we were swapping fives after a bunch of runs complete on this little three hit, super quick sled lap of a run. Total score for a day we thought held very little riding.