Sunny Tuesday On Mt.Adams, WA

Posted on Feb 28, 2013
Sunny Tuesday On Mt.Adams, WA

The Northwest finally transitioned out of the six week, mid-winter, high pressure hole and back to a more normal state of tree-well paranoia.  Over the past week, a storm system came in multiple waves with fairly light and very deep snowfall, 40 inch in total.  Welcome back powder boarding.

This edit was shot on a Tuesday spent on mt.Adams, WA with sled/shred buddy Andreas Harlow.  I had ridden Mt.Hood Meadows on Saturday, making great laps in Private Reserve with Kelso, Ladd and Aidan.  Kelso and I then sledded Admas on Sunday.  Monday night saw another 12 inch refresh and Andreas talking me into playing hooky.



The day off from work ended up being a great idea.  We were blasted by sun and fresh snow as we made laps down the regular face.  The highlight of the day came when Andreas was able to pack down a track to the bottom of the valley which allowed us to sled lap a more filled in, protected line.  The lower lap is always a question mark of whether sleds can get out from the bottom.  Tuesday, that question was answered and the reward was very high.  Stoked on the two laps we had to the bottom and one blind leap of faith, before we ran out of time.


Andreas mt Adams snowboarding air

snowmobile snowboard rack mt Adams