Steven’s Pass Yobeat Edit

Posted on Apr 8, 2012
Steven’s Pass Yobeat Edit

I watched this Steven’s Pass edit on YoBeat and had to share it. The powder is great, terrain looks awesome and the riding is really, really strong. The post description on YoBeat is also really good, it caught my attention and is pasted below. POST DESCRIPTION:

Dear East Coast/Midwest:
We’re very sorry your season is over. And actually, we should throw a shout out to Utah, who’s season never even really got started. If you want, you can come to the Northwest, where this is still what we’re riding.
Love, Washington.

Riders: Kurt Jenson, Bart Patitucci, Ian Wood, Jesse Park, Stone Parker, Tim Carlson, Travis Claughton, Michigan, Travis Leamer, B-Rad Miller, Ken Kelly, Ari Strickland, Hans Jangaard, Manuel Diaz and Matt Wainhouse
Video: Matt Wainhouse