Spring Eastern Washington Sled Trip

Posted on Mar 30, 2021
Spring Eastern Washington Sled Trip

This year’s sled and shred trip got pushed out to the spring riding season. Nikki was stuck working an on-site project, leaving me home alone for weeks-on-end with Sloan. When the project ended, I got the green-light to travel and started hunting snow forecasts. John, Kelso and I pooled energy to make a quick strike mission come together, venturing Northeast into the east slopes of the Washington Cascades. We had four days of riding through both sides of a very spring like weather system.

Exiting Portland the third weekend in March, we started with a homebase hit on Adams where Dre joined us for some sled laps. The temps were cool and fresh snow ranged in the 4-8 inch range, with fun wind deposits making for some deeper turns. Solid sled lapping and powder flying overhead started the trip off on a good foot.

Exploring Deeper in Washington

As Portlanders, our homebase backcountry riding is in southwest Washington, so it’s a treat to explore different terrain deeper north into Washington state. The mission at hand was to take some hard earned terrain knowledge that was gained on a trip a decade earlier and to cash in for some fresh snowboarding turns.

The trip resulted in a very satisfying mix of adventuring on sleds, sled lapping smaller runs and touring bigger lines. For the second half of the trip, we stayed at a rental cottage overlooking the lake and southern end of the range. The view from the house and hot tube added the icing on the cake for a long weekend of mountain adventure.