Sam’s Alaska Trip

Posted on May 24, 2011
Sam’s Alaska Trip

Sam Wolff took a real shred trip this winter, he did Tailgate Alaska.  I talked with Sam upon his return home to Salt Lake in Late April and he gave a quick rundown of the trip.  Tailgate sounded like a true adventure that involves more fuel and driving than the average snowboard can fathom.  Lots of weather days, tricky snowmobiling, camping and the occasional blue bird, pristine powder day is what I took away from his description.
I happened to stumbled across this video the other day on the Snowboarder Mag site.  It turns out Sam’s trip was well documented, actually it wasn’t even Sam’s trip that he was on… Confused?  Watch the video >

For more Tailgate Alaska, April 2011. Check these photos and stories taken by Bozeman buddy/snowboard photographer Jeff Hawe, who also has posts on the Snowboader Mag site:

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