Rollercoaster Start to The 2015/2016 Northwest Ski Season

Posted on Dec 10, 2015
Rollercoaster Start to The 2015/2016 Northwest Ski Season

The 2015/2016 winter season feels like it’s slow approach came to a complete stop at the end of November. September was abnormally cool and wet. October showed signs of an early winter as well but each passing system came in a little too warm to coat the lower elevation ski runs on Mt.Hood. By Thanksgiving Mt.Bachelor had some bigger terrain open but Mt.Hood was barely able to opening a few lower chairs for a preview of what’s to come.

Kelso riding mt.hood early season

December has come in hot and bothered with more rollercoaster weather, big storms and fluctuating temps. We got lucky the first weekend when a storm stayed cooler than forecasters anticipated. Nikki, Kelso and I found ourselves stirring with excitement in the parking lot where we found fresh snow piled up and no sight of rain drops. Our expectations had been beat even before strapping in.


We had a great day riding Mt.Hood Express and Vista, as it opened for the first day of the season. Thin base depths made for some questionable riding down low. Where there is a will there’s a way, we found deeper snow conveniently waiting in landings and gullies. I made some question calls rolling off a few small drops but kept getting rewarded with soft landing and face shots.

Two days later, our fresh snow turned into inches of rain pummeling the slopes. Fingers are crossed once again as the upcoming weekend’s forecast is looking pretty damn good. Derksen Derby here we come.