Rat Race

Posted on Jul 9, 2013
Rat Race

The second annual Rat Race was held by the Drink Water crew on Mt.Hood last weekend, after the fourth of July. A combination of events lead Kelso, Reid and I up to Hood for the night before and a day of riding in sixty degree sun.

With Reid having driven from Salt Lake to Oregon for a short week of surfing, biking and boarding, we had motivation to get up to the volcano.  When Aidan sent us a link to register for the Rat Race, the final straw had been pulled and we were fully vested and excited for some Govy hanging and summer sliding.

The Rate Race felt a lot like the Dirksen Derby, both in character and course.  We made it up for two practice runs on the course, which was fast, hipped and bumpy.  The addition of multiple airs and the much talked about roller section made this course unique from what Dirksen has been building.  Add in the summer riding conditions of ice and melting slush and you have a varying course that made for a difficult run to the bottom.


Brooke happen to snap this photo of me rounding a high bank wall.  I found it on her YoBeat post for the event.  Pretty sweet to get a free shot of my not so hot run.

Many faces from around the industry attended the event.  Over 100 participants ran two race laps on the course.  This made for an awful lineup at the gate.  The one downfall to this event was that nice guys, Kelso, Reid and Tyler waited in line to drop for over three hours that day.  We watched as half of snowboarding’s who’s who cut in from the side and snaked us in line.

Overall a great day was had in the sun.  Some high speed Palmer laps, a natty banked salaom cousre around the boundary gates, and a public park lap to the car left me wanting more summer ride time.  The sting of Kelso having the fastest time in our trio is still felt this morning back in the city.  Reid topped my slow runs as well, both of which left me wanting more.  The Magic Mile lap has already melted for the season so my chances of redepetion are slim until next December at the derby.  Get ready boys, I’m waiting for a win.