YES snowboarding Missions webisodes, premiering winter 2013/2014, is a story of the YES founders and team riders working for their turns. The quote from Trandworld snowboarding best describes the idea behind the Missions series.

“This is reality: snowboarding is a fucking mission.”

Instead of creating the standard part for part based video as YES has in the past, they opted for a four part web series after a winter of unexpected life twists, left them with a different type of footage. As a whole, snowboarding spots have been ridden time and time again and progression is slowing. Videos need to respect this and start transitioning from showing the latest trick of each season, to telling more of the story behind each hero shot. YES is doing just that, employing director and co-producer Paul Watt to help build a storyline that captures the moments between the sunny glory lines we are so accustomed to on the big screen.

YES Missions… Japan


YES Missions… DCP Full Part


YES Missions… Backcountry Mecca

The YES snowboarding heavy hitters riding their home terrain of the Whistler Backcountry.


YES Missions… The Solo Mission by Tadashi Fuse and Taro Koeji

Tadashi Fuse featured here in a solo edit after he spent most of the 2013 season riding the Whistler backcountry by himself. YES had this to say about why he set out on his own:
“Tadashi’s driven like no other. He knew that in order to accomplish his goals for the year, coordinating with other riders, sharing filmers, and compromising, just wasn’t going to work. So he set out every morning, hours before other crews, and hiked, sledded, dug, and explored with only his equally dedicated filmer, Taro Koeji. What’s even more amazing is that most of his footage from last season was from entirely new jumps, and un-ridden pillow areas that were massive hikes from where you can get your sled to. If you want to go deeper into Tadashi’s world, check out his: lifestyleproject


YES Missions… The Pillow Search

Kicking of the 2013 webisode series with Pillow Search