The Snow Craft series takes snowboarding back to its roots. With an emphasis on simplifying the experience of snowboarding, the series produced by Lukas Huffman, highlights board makers that are more focused on shape, function and craftsmanship than they are with cutting edge technologies and cambers. It’s a refreshing take on the modern day snowboard industry and the performance of these boards speaks for themselves. These boards are designed with the intention of enjoyment and boy do they look fun!

Season 3


Snow Craft, Generations: The New Wave, Episode 3


Snow Craft, Generations: Winterstick’s Lost Legacy, Episode 2


Snow Craft, Generations: Mervin Manufacturing, Episode 1


Season 2


Snow Craft Pioneers: The Legacy Of Tom Sims, Episode 3


Snow Craft Pioneers: Corey Smith and Spring Break Snowboards, Episode 2


Snow Craft Pioneers: Jesse Loomis and PowderJet Snowboards, Episode 1


Season 1


SNOW CRAFT: Episode 3


SNOW CRAFT: Episode 2


SNOW CRAFT: Episode 1