Prospecting Idaho is the Smith Optics home-base backcountry settlement.  A 900 acre playground for select employees and team riders to session some quintessential Idaho terrain.  Now seasons deep into their land lease at the Smiley Creek mining area, north of Sun Valley, Smith has gathered quite the collect of webisodes.  Their video series features plenty of booter days, sending it into fresh landing. Backcoutry booter built by a cat that is.  
There are also some quality bigger mountain riding on the open face that sits at the edge of their terrain. Additionally, check out season 2, episode 9 where some legendary riders take a trip deeper into the backcountry for some of Idaho’s finest steeps.


Season 3, Full Season Edit

19 minute full edit of season 3. Complete with intro area history lesson.


Season 2, Episode 10

The Willima’s yurt trip. Josh Dirksen and Mike Basich are taken deep into the Sawtooths to explore some of the best terrain Idaho has to offer.


Season 2, Episode 9

Bjorn and crew stay the night at the Smith yurt out in Smiley Creek backcountry terrain. Sweet night laps are captured, riding through mellow, powdery woods lines.


Season 2, Episode 5.5

Smith skiers go big on some cat build backcountry hits. I love watching homie Dylan Hood ski. I couldn’t help but post this edit of Dylan and Sage sending it.


Season 2, Episode 1

A skier crew riders the ridge out behind the Smiley Creek booter zones. The lines looks like perfect Idaho terrain with lots of open rock hits.


Season 1, Episode 1

Season one of the private Simth Optics backcountry project. The cat builds up jumps in a private backcountry setting, not bad.


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