Internet web delivery of snowboard videos has been one of the best things to happen to Women’s snowboarding.  I like watching the women riders because I can directly relate to the features and terrain they’re riding.  With men’s snowboarding, oftentimes the features are too large and out of the question for a viewer to fully comprehend.
I won’t spend $30 to buy a women’s only snowboard DVD.  Having shorter edits come online that show more lifestyle shots has been so great to see.  It’s not only entertainment, it’s a better way to keep tabs on the state of professional women’s snowboarding and great motivation for younger riders.

This video is the first of the 2012/13 season, the third season of Hana Beaman’s web series “P.S.”.  Leanne Pelosi and Robin Van Gyn are joining Hana this winter.  This first edit shows them all in the Whistler backcountry mini-golfing on some sweet wind-lips and double drops to the beat of Coconut Records.


P.S… Love Hurts!


P.S…Revelstoked at Tail Gate BC


P.S…. MIND THE GAP, the Mt Baker road gap that is.


Thompson Pass Kicks Ass… And is Cloudy.

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