Jeremy Jones’ Higher movie finishes off his years of work, getting more exposed in more remote destination. Jeremy has taken snowboard adventuring to new levels. He has given the entire snowboard industry a new perspective on what’s possible and what it takes to get there.

After Deeper and Further, the Higher movie was worked on for two seasons in 2012-2014. A web series of bonus footage was created after each of the big trips. Using b-footage, added story line and cutting room floor clips, the Unplugged series adds depth beyond the finished Higher movie.


Higher Unplugged, Episode 1

Intro to the adventures of Higher.


Higher Unplugged, Episode 2

Jeremy and Bryan Iguchi prep for an all time Teton adventure up the Grand. A perfect storm hits Jackson before their trip, allowing for some warmup riding on grade A Teton terrain.


Higher Unplugged, Episode 3

A look into the backcountry safety training TGR provides for their athletes.


Higher Unplugged, Episode 4

This is the gear it takes to hike really big lines in Alaska. 35lbs of essentials.


Higher Unplugged, Episode 5

Choosing the zone.


Higher Unplugged, Episode 6

Anyone involved in a month of living on a glacier needs extreme motivation. The “camp managers” selected for these adventures are spotlighted in this webisode.