Park Day With The Portland Boys

Posted on Mar 21, 2014
Park Day With The Portland Boys

Mid March is here and spring is in full gear at the moment.  The snow on Hood has been soft and some fun features are setup in Forest park.  Saturday, we had a great crew making laps together.

We have an admittedly large friend group in Portland but everyone seems to be pulled in different directions by their busy lives.  With so many activities to choose from, we rarely get out snowboarding in a large group together.  A powder day is enough reason to assemble but not a good day to bobble around Hood in a posse.  Kelso, Aidan, and I met up with Ladd, Dylan and Josh for a full day of wipeouts, rail tricks and letting it loose in the junior park.  Such fun dudes to ride with.  The group dynamic felt a little college/Bozeman-ish, very spring like and also fairly dangerous.  Some quality-time in the parking lot mid day, may have loosened the group up a little too much.

Ladd and Dylan took some nice follow cam shots with Dylan’s little Sony toy camera.  I had my G15 out for some stills and a few follow cams as well. We came away with plenty of clips to be slapped together for a lengthy edit that goes nowhere.  Oh, and Kelso and Becca are getting a dog.  Want in on the purchase date pool?


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After taking a nice digger on a mini feature mid day, I wasn’t satisfied with my riding.  Rager and I went up to Hood again on Sunday for round two.  Leaving Portland, the car wipers were on and we both a little hesitant to make the drive but the weather held off and we had another fun day lapping Forest park. I made Rager take a still sequence of me feeling good on the propane tank.


  • propane_tank_hit_image1
  • propane_tank_hit_image2
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