New Years 2019 Snowboarding Trip

Posted on Jan 6, 2019
New Years 2019 Snowboarding Trip

The approach to 2019 has been a slow one for me. The snow was taking it’s sweet time to stack up in December, multiple sicknesses left me weak and unable to ride once the snow finally came in. I haven’t touched Big Flakes for months and even this New Years trip to Tam almost wasn’t a thing. Some blind optimism coupled with a head nod from Aidan and Tara helped it come to life.


The turns we found at Tam during a two day, three night trip, definitely weren’t anything to write a post about but they did feel like a positive turning point in the season. Getting multiple days in the mountains back to back, helps the mind settle into a more natural feeling of comfort and routine for the goofy sport that is snowboarding. Low expectation for this trip left me feeling relaxed and our group more tolerable of the 20mph cold breeze in the face as we scoped our options. Turns were indeed made, some good, some bad. The views were greatly enjoyed on day two as it cleared and the escape from the city was much appreciated.


One note to remember is the older crew we crossed paths with. There was an older couple in their sixties with a friend at a similar age, all out touring via sled. That was pretty fucking rad to come across a crew double our age, doing the same thing and I assume feeling similar gratefulness for nature, snow and isolation.