Mt.Adams Birthday False Summit Climb

Posted on May 18, 2018
Mt.Adams Birthday False Summit Climb

For my 33rd birthday I asked friends and family to come climb Mt.Adams with me. Spring of 2018 was a hot one in the Northwest and the snow was melting fast. I was hellbent to make some final turns for the season and to get on top of one of the big volcanoes. What I ended up with was my wife, my brother and one other loyal mountain companion who came to my calling in mid-May for some camping and a huge climb.


Summiting Mt.Adams requires a big 6,500 vertical foot climb. Our goal was to make the false summit and then ride the massive Southwest Chutes that stair down on Portland to their west. Unfortunately, we didn’t get quite the right weather window to accomplish our goal. What Nikki, Kelso, Mikey and I did get was stunning weather and an ass-kicking 7,000k climb with splitboard and dirt roads.


With too much snow on the road for starting at the normal trailhead and too little snow for a snowmobile assisted approach, we were forced to start walking on dirt roads well below the normal start point. By the time we made the false summit, the turns were too sticky for riding the big chutes and not great for snowboarding in general. We made the false summit however and were treated to beautiful weather for hanging out on top of a volcano.


Oh yeah, and there was a very happy birthday boy as well. Treated to donuts and cold brew coffee at 8,000ft during our morning hike, thanks to my lovely wife.