Meadows Park Riding

Posted on Feb 6, 2013
Meadows Park Riding

The Northwest is still suffering from the mid-winter blah.  Every year we sit for weeks and wait patiently for our wet weather to return and deliver more powder.  You may think it sounds selfish to ask for powder but the reality of riding exposed volcanos like mt.Hood, is that groomed snow dosen’t hold well.  Heavy winds, blasting sun and large expanses of slope to maintain, usually means that if there isn’t fresh snow or slush then you’re scraping by on ice.

The next best snow condition to powder? Spring slush!  Kelso, Aidan, Julie, Nikki and I were treated to a sunny day on Hood last Saturday with soft enough snow to lay an edge into.  The pipe was freshly cut and riding well for the first time of the season.  We captured some footage  from the rail line in Forest park and the two box to two jump line into the pipe, in the Rose City park.  Unfortunately Aidan got taken out towards the end of the day.  As seen flat spinning to his knees on the second jump, his ankles were both injured.  Sorry buddy, rest up.

The days was really nicely finished with a tailgate BBQ out of Kelso’s big rig (The Swan).


Sunset on mt.Hood taken from Government Camp during the drive home.

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  1. C. Owens
    February 7, 2013

    That tailgating setup is BAUS.