Mainers in Sun Valley

Posted on Jan 30, 2013
Mainers in Sun Valley

Thanks to Bill and Sue Fallon, Shannon and I were lucky enough to spend 12 days in Sun Valley, ID over Xmas. Spent some long overdue quality time with Gabe Ohlson, Tracy Chubb, Collin Collins, and Lexi DuPont.  Idaho got pounded with snow for the entire month of December and then stopped the moment we arrived.  However, there was still lots of snow in the backcountry thanks to very cold temperatures. The powder never seemed to harden up. The first few days we would shred epic groomers and then drop off the backside into “The Burn”, an area thinned out by forest fire a couple of years ago. Gabe and Collin showed us the way to some really fun areas. Thanks bros. Usually followed up by an immediate drive to the natural hot springs at the end of the valley, ending with some champagne in a can.


Mainers in Sun Valley from Briar Bouthot on Vimeo.


Later in the week we decided to spend a day at Dollar Mt., Sun Valley’s park mountain. The park was two big ass booty jumps and a line of 4 rails. Collins absolutely killed it; the dude is a beast.  I tried to get some shots of him but I kept bumping into Collin’s 7 filmers. You can check him out from the edit they put together that day. Gabe and I did our best impression of park skiers and dusted off our old man jumping skills. Had a blast. Finished the day with a couple laps through “The Burn”, got a couple pow shots, but it was cold and my battery died.

Couple of days later we went on a backcountry skin with Gabe and Collin. I got a hold of a nice touring set up from an awesome shop in Ketchum called Backwoods. Check em out if ever in Sun Valley. I took some nice pictures, helped Collins step out a super booter, got some nice turns, and drank it in. We were up in a spot called Mushroom Ridge only 20 minutes north of town. There is so much terrain that is super accessible out there, but dont tell anyone. shh.

Overall had an AMAZING time. Thanks to Bill and Sue Fallon for making it happen. Thanks to Gabe, Collins, Tracy Chubb, Lexi DuPont, Emily DuPont, Flash, Joe and everyone else who made our trip unforgettable.

ps I know what you’re thinking and Yes,  I was totally that guy shushing groomers with a GoPro on. Whatever, I had never used one before and I needed the practice. So shut up!


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  1. C. Owens
    February 2, 2013

    Hey, Briar. This video is good times. I miss all y’all Mainers!