Late February Adams Deep Wind Blown Riding

Posted on Feb 25, 2018
Late February Adams Deep Wind Blown Riding

February in the Northwest rolled in with restless old man winter finally finding his way to the bar after what seemed he had lost his way in December and January. I don’t have much media to share from the super premium four week storm cycle in February. Much of the month was spent ridding the woods at Mt.Hood Meadows under dark, snowy skies. The Private Reserve and Heather Canyon zones opened and once again proved their worth. They are hard zones to shoot however, especially when there are other riders taking your line while you pull out the camera.

At the end of February, Andreas, Kelso and I finally deemed it safe to head up to Adams with coverage just deep enough for the long snowmobile approach. We did some trail blazing and stuck sled digging to avoid a closed bridge and once up high, the winds were nuking at 30+ mph. The upper section of the sled lap was wind beat while the lower half was so deep it was hard to keep speed. In-between the firm ridge-lines and the knee deep lowers, there were some perfect turns waiting to be torn up (before the sledders got them). Typical for Adams, when you think it might not ride well, you are pleasantly surprised and rewarded for the hard work it takes to get out there.


Kelso finding the pocket “in-between” on the last lap of the day.

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