Helens Spring 2017 Booter

Posted on May 13, 2017
Helens Spring 2017 Booter

Another season comes to a close. Kelso, Chip and I got out to Helens on sleds the first weekend in May. This is the latest any of us can remember riding sleds in Oregon and by far the latest we’ve ever accessed Helens. The road in was still thickly covered with snow, in May! The Northwest still has a pretty crazy low elevation snow pack this year but it was melting quickly, making it our last attempt of getting out to Helens for the season.


Our mission was a booter build day, with three able-bodied diggers. We quickly found a great sled lap with a nice roll in, a jump landing, and a wave wall feature in the runout that helped add some flair to the lap. This zone ended up being the perfect spot to post up for a beautiful day of tee-shirt sled and board riding.


We dusted of the cobwebs from our jumping skills after a winter where the terrain parks were hardly open due to either constant snow or rain. Kelso was determined to crank out a few 720’s and he walked away with a smile, sending it deep into the landing of our little hit.