Fresh Season, Fresh Ideas

Posted on Sep 2, 2011
Fresh Season, Fresh Ideas

While on the morning commute reading the Jake Blauvelt interview in the October 2011 Transworld this morning, I found a few quote to excite.  I read nothing new or surprising as someone who already has an eye on the idustry and it’s stale video and sponsership  format.  What I did read was simple and very refreshing.

Jake Blauvelt – progression, judging a trick is easier:

“… you can also progress snowboarding by turning your board, just riding.  Finding new terrain and different stuff to ride is progression—it’s just harder to judge.”


It was probably just the early season stoke spinning in my mind but as I read this I was transported back to last winter at Mt.Hood when I was making some really solid turns on deep and steep terrain.  Meadows is a confidence builder for sure being small and flat but I still felt these turns were some of my better more confident turns and roller airs. I’m slowly learning that there can be progression in my riding despite not hit jumps lthe way I’d like.  I love riding scary booters but they are harder to find at Meadows than a pow turn.

It’s looking at the whole mountain like a skatepark instead of hunting for a certain feature or steep landing for a jump.”

“Riding natural terrain, just riding the mountains, has always been the backbone of snowboarding.”

“… if the right hit comes about and it happens, then cool.”

Good words Jake, I’m feeling the same way.

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