Elk Lake Central Oregon Cabin Trip

Posted on Mar 9, 2017
Elk Lake Central Oregon Cabin Trip

Motivated by Dave to join the Crossover Revolution event at Elk Lake Lodge, Nikki and I rented a fancy cabin over the first weekend in March. This became our opportunity show our buddies Chris and Morgan a unique snowy adventure. We rented one of the modern, luxury, high ceiling cabins and packed it proper with a great crew, food, wine and beer. Chris and Morgan, Ben and Sarah and Dan and Andrea from Bend joined us. Half of our group rode a snowcat-converted truck for the 10 miles of trail that separates the lodge from reality, while the rest of us snowmobiled, towing trailers full of gear and food.


Heavy snow fell all weekend, nicely coating an ice crust that had setup earlier in the week. The new snow made for a snowed-in wintery feeling as our group clinked glasses at the Elk Lake bar over RMP (a strong local IPA). With beer jackets on we huddled around the fire pit outside chatting with other boarders and skiers. The Crossover Revolution is a mellow gathering of some great Central Oregon character but we ended-up doing less event attending than we did chill and cook at our fancy abode. Our cabin game was just too tight, with tri tip steak and bullet bourbon.


On Saturday we toured up into a small valley off the Cascade Lakes Highway accessed via sled. Ben, Nikki, Dan and I were excited to be inspecting a new zone. We found some really fun, short, rowdy lines. We also made some wrong turns, I got cliffed-out once and then I lead the group in the wrong direction another time. All of which seeming par for the course in the Cascades. Our exploration resulted in a cool zone worth returning back too. The touring alone, through snow caked trees tucked in a remote valley, is worth returning back to in search of the pristine winter isolation we found.


Crossover Revolution or not, the feeling of remote solitude and stoke that comes from being at a sled accessed, snow covered cabin, was well worth the travel effort. We came home from our tour Saturday to Sarah, Chris and Morgan out on the deck, which had 8 feet of snow stacked on it. They had carved stairs up to eye level for an evening deck hang. That cocktail hour made the trip feel like the perfect, mini, winter escape from the city, one that the doctor had ordered.