Dust On Crust Adams Big Lap

Posted on Mar 31, 2014
Dust On Crust Adams Big Lap

Andreas and I caught a beautiful snowmo-boarding day on Adams in mid March. The trail had enough snow coverage to get us up high and once there, the sun was out, keeping us and a fresh layer of snow warm.  There was just enough new snow to allow for fun snowboarding.  As it warmed, the snow created a better layer to dig an edge into.


We both dropped into the bottom of the valley on our sleds.  This is something I rarely do on my older machine.  The big climb back out was the scariest snowmobiling I’ve done in a while.  My sled bobbed and weaved up the steep pitch, wheeling the whole upper section.  She bogged down near the pinnacle of the climb in deeper windblown snow but held her speed enough to top me back out on the bench.  We doubled on Dre’s M8 for the rest of the day.

We were successful in our doubling and snowboarding.  I’d say about 6 laps each, dropping 800 vertical feet to the valley floor on the fresh fast snow.