Doofus Gang’s “Be A Doofus” Teaser # 1

Posted on Feb 14, 2013
Doofus Gang’s “Be A Doofus” Teaser # 1

Be.A.Doofus.Teaser.1 from Owens Bros. on Vimeo.

Jay Owens is making a movie called “Be A Doofus,” which will come out at the end of the season. It will feature parts from the regular Doofus Gangers and our friends.

Doofus Gang = FUNction over Fashion

Riders: Trent Lodge, Alex Houle, Derek Haukebo, Ricky Dorn, Chris Owens, Jay Owens, Nick Sorenson

Editor: Jay Owens

Music: The Postal Service

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  1. Tyler
    February 16, 2013

    YES! Sweet Jay. I’m loving the Doofus Gang edits. You guys are riding so well. Get rad, stay rad.