Doofus Gang Episode 6

Posted on Feb 4, 2013
Doofus Gang Episode 6

Many of the Doofus Gang ride or coach on The G Team, so most of the Gang was off at Wild Mountain for a USASA slope style competition. However, Jay Zak Owens and Trent Lodge managed to put together a solid sesh at Hyland and keep the series going. Also, there are a couple humorous shots of the next-level coaching that was going down at Wild.

SundaysinthePark-Hyland-Ep.6 from Owens Bros. on Vimeo.

Gangers: Jay Zak Owens & Trent Lodge (Hyland sesh); Derek Haukebo (coach) & Ricky Dorn (Wild competition)

Editor: Jay Zak Owens

Music: “In 3’s” by The Beastie Boys