Dirksen Derby 2012

Posted on Dec 21, 2012
Dirksen Derby 2012


Kelso and I attended the 6th annual Dirksen Derby held at Mt.Bachelor.  With the amount of media coverage the event received this year, there’s a damn good chance you’ve already read a far better blog post about what went down.  I will spare you the details and instead, provide you with my insight and a few links to other’s coverage.

1. Dirksen is the man.  Kelso said it best, “He plays the role of the older Pro really well.”  He’s not only a banked slalom machine (putting down the fastest time by far at 26 seconds on the red course), but he builds a great course, held a well-managed event, was laid back and smiled the whole time.  Josh has created a unque event that people are traveling across country for.  There is no ego or testostorone at the Derby, just warm chowder and friendly faces.

2. Bachelor is fun early season.  Bachelor has great bumps, jumps and rollers before the deep snowpack flattens the mountain out.  We rode three days finding new turns and hits with every run.  The natural features found between the groomed runs are Bachelor’s key to success.  With the high volume of traffic, 400+ competitors, many natural features seemed to be well packed and carved out of the abondant rollers.  Following Shaun MaKay and  Forrest Burki into a side hit, made it feel like a power lap through an obsticle course, faster, higher and deeper than you expected to go.

3. Early season snowboard vibes.  Everyone is still heating up for the season when this event takes place in mid December.  The stoke and positive level is very high at the Derby making for camaraderie that is charming to say the least.  Half the snowboard industry is in attendance it seems.  Handshakes are plentiful, reunions expected and everyone is open for laps and hanging, regardless of what your name is.

2013 Derby? Say yes.

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