December Drop to Knee Pain

Posted on Dec 3, 2012
December Drop to Knee Pain

It was a fun weekend at Meadows this weekend to welcome December 2012.  It’s finally feeling like winter in the Cascades as of Sunday night when the freezing levels dropped down to 4000ft.  Over a foot of fresh snow fell over the weekend.  This made for two scary realities, lift lines and rider confidence.

Riding with Kelso, CJ, John and Ben, we charged through two and three bowl in the morning getting great fresh tracks.  The new snow was deep enough that the hard-pack underneath was forgotten about.  Morning turns in untouched snow allows you to flow and link lines that are normally to choppy, steep and consequential to just ride through without caution.  After poking through a tree cluster out onto an unridden double drop down a 50ft steep section, I thought we had the green light to send it off anything in the bowls.

The following run, we put ourselves on top of the rock at the bottom of three bowl.  The lines were okay but still early season interesting with obstacles posing issues.

Having all skirted around the dop or rolling down it to make to reduce the airtime, Ben was left at the top.  This clip is what resulted as of our cat calls back up slope to him.  Ben spent the rest of the day in the bar after creating this hot tube in the landing.  Get well soon Ben, we’re sorry for the bad call.