Davis Bros Classic Line and Booter Combo

Posted on Mar 28, 2018
Davis Bros Classic Line and Booter Combo

This day was the day you wait for. There are a lot of days spent searching for deep enough snow to make a powder turn but few days when you go out and don’t expect to find what you do.

We had ridden Mt.Hood the day before and the snow was too light and not deep enough to surf the wood without scratching the ice crust below. Washington however had seen a different weather pattern. The following day, we arrived on snowmobile to this chute with 18” plus of thick surfy snow and clear, beautiful spring skies.


We rode the chute with as good of conditions as one can ask for. I remember soaking up the feeling of every turn on the Korua Shapes surf board of a splitboard, working the big nose with extra weight on my front foot. Arriving back at the top of the line, Kelso motived me for a quick jump build. This day was perfect. We boot-packed the jump over and over until the light started to get low and then squeezed in one more run to the bottom of the chute, milking the late March afternoon sunlight.