Christmas Break 2021

Posted on Jan 4, 2022
Christmas Break 2021

Snow was slow to arrive for the 2021 season but when it came in, it stacked up quick over the Christmas holiday. Nikki and I hosted Christmas in Portland with Dave and Kathy flying in and Chris and Randi joining us for a few days. When Nikki and I first got out to Mt. Hood Meadows, the mountain had 100 inches of seasonal snowfall, four days later, another 60″ had fallen. By the end of a 12 day period where rounds of heavy snowfall blasted the Northwest, that number had reached 225″.

Dave and Kathy helped us get out riding by playing at home with Sloan. Nikki and I got two days riding together on the resort and then I got out for sled days while Nikki had to get back to work. Frigid temps for the Northwest combined with heavy snowfall, made for legendary snow, especially for early season in the Cascades.

Below are a few of my favorite pics and clips from the 10 day break I had at the end of 2021.

Big Flakes Season Opener Edit

Video clips from 6 days on snow around Christmas 2021