Chris Owen’s April Mt.Hood Trip

Posted on Apr 16, 2011
Chris Owen’s April Mt.Hood Trip

My good friend and Montana State roommate came out to Oregon from Minessota to extend his snowboard season.  While in college Chris Owens and I put in a lot of days on the hill together, riding Big Sky and Bridger Bowl.  It’s been five years since we made turns with one-another but it felt like little had changed.  We definitely had some chairlift conversations about aging and not slowing down on the boards.

I haven’t made a Big Flakes post in a month now.  The weather at Hood has been a real challange this spring.  There have been some really deep weekdays but it seems for over a month now that the weekend warriors aren’t getting dealt a fair hand.  Chris flying into town was all the motivation I needed to leave the office in search of pow.  We had a cold week leading up to his arrival so I took Thursday, April 7th off and rode light powder all day with Chris under some blue skys and patchy clouds.

Chris got the full gamet of Northwet riding while he was here.  The Thursday sunny pow day was awesome, charging like five years had never passed.  The weekend brought the Full Sail banked slalom event which I raced in.  It also brought warmer weather and clouds.  After a night in Dylan and Taylor’s yurt we went back to the mountain to ride mini park in the rain.  The weather snaps quick here.  Meadows has seen 5ft or 6ft of snow in April but each snow has been followed by rain, hence me making a post midday on a Saturday.



Chris, rad riding, loved seeing you ride so well.  Good trip filled with turns, bike riding and Dark and Stormy’s galore.