Big Flakes Only Redesigned For The 2013/2014 Snowboard Season

Posted on Nov 5, 2013
Big Flakes Only Redesigned For The 2013/2014 Snowboard Season

For the 2013/2014 snowboarding season, the Big Flakes Only snowboarding blog has undergone a redesign.  Big Flakes started in 2008 as a way to share snowboarding videos between friends who were spread across the country after having finished college.  Now in it’s third redesign, Big Flakes is shifting focus.


Video Catalog Addition

The snowboarding industry is moving away from the traditional video format of early season releases of a packaged DVD.  Web streaming of snowboarding videos and webisode series released throughout the season, is becoming the new format.  To better highlight some of the top projects being released online, we are now cataloging these web streaming snowboard videos.  We wish to give them a home where they can be remembered and watched again and again.  One major issue with the web release model, is that videos have too short a half-life for the time, money and effort it takes to create them.  Our intention is to maintain a website where these web edits can have a longer life.

big flake only logo


The Blog

Our Blog will remain in tact.  Big Flakes has always been a blog where we can share our travel stories, home-spun video edits from the hill and industry news.  Previously, various members of Big Flakes could login and share their own snowboarding edit.  This idea of community sharing is being abandoned with this version III redesign.  If you have a completed video and short story to accompany it, feel free to share this as a media submission on the contact page.  We will take care of reviewing your submission and posting edits we feel are appropriate for the Big Flakes Blog.


Product Reviews

We have added a product review section to the site.  Buying snowboarding gear is a major in vestment, one which you could be stuck with for multiple seasons.  We’d like to help inform you of how that new rocker to cam-rock-s-hook deck actually rides and where it excels.  To do this, we would like your help.  We will be excepting reviews from friends who we trust their reviewing qualifications.  If this is you, please submit a review for your favorite pieces of gear on the contact page, through the review submission form.  We hope Big Flakes becomes a trusted source, aiding your next big purchase.


Enjoy the updated site with it’s responsive design for great mobile viewing.  We’re excited for the season here in the Northwest, the cold fall is shaping up for a promising start.  Check back throughout the winter for updated stories and edits.  Keep your eyes peeled for an RSS feed addition to the blog.  This soon to be addition will help you stay connected without having to check back.
Thank you for your interest  -Tyler Davis