The Big Flakes website is an independent side project of web designer Tyler Davis. As an avid snowboarder, Big Flakes is Tyler’s midweek bond to the sport from the vantage point of a desk job in the city.

Tyler Davis snowmobiling in the backcountry

The website started in 2008 as a sharing tool for a group of friends who were spread across the country. The blog posts that comprise Big Flakes, share a view into a snowboarder’s excitement, drive and dedication for the winter sport. Now in it’s third redesign, Big Flakes is moving away from group publishing to tighten the focus but expanding content territory.

friends on Big Flakes in Montana

Starting in 2013, Big Flakes seeks to fulfill two needs in the online snowboard community. As the industry moves away from DVD sales, Big Flakes will catalog the influx of online media to capture and highlight some of the standout projects. Secondarily, our next objective is to create product reviews. We’re well aware of the cost hurdles involved in the sport. Snowboard gear is expensive and you’re straight up crazy to drop $600 on a snowboard you’ve never ridden. Online reviews are your window into a more informed purchase.

Thanks you for showing interest in Big Flakes Only and our snowboarding narrative. Check back regularly for new product reviews and industry videos. Contact us for more information.


Another snowboarding blog, really?

As a web designer, Tyler promotes the importance of owning and controlling your digital content. Younger generations of snowboarders only know third party content hosting such as Facebook. These sites cast a message to all, regardless of their interest in the activity. Big Flakes is a modern example of owning and controlling the narrative for a more engaged audience.


Where did the name come from?

The term “Big Flakes Only” was coined by Chris Ownes, a Montana State University college roommate, friend and riding partner of Tyler’s. He was a dedicated student and is a talented rider. Chris possessed amazing restraint from snowboarding to focus on school until the deepest of fresh snow days. He’d reply to the constant riding question, “nah, I’ve got a big project to work on today, can’t ride. I only ride when there’s big flakes.”

With this online media sharing project, the peripheral elements of the true rider’s path are captured. Chris, making decisions that best fit his path, are captured in the name Big Flakes Only.

Chris Owens at Bridger Bowl Montana