A Week In Revelstoke

Posted on Feb 26, 2022
A Week In Revelstoke

Looking to find some powder for backcountry snowmobiling? We figured you can’t go wrong booking a trip to Revelstoke in mid-February. We scheduled one week of riding where Nikki and I would leave our toddler at home with Grandma, while we played in the backcountry with Kelso, John and Andreas. Leading up to the trip, the Northwest sat high and dry week after week, while Revelstoke stacked up more and more snow. The week before we traveled Revelstoke’s good fortunes shifted. Suddenly Revelstoke too had a momentary pause in winter, which left us nervous that our fool-proof plan was actually rooted in reality and subject to the whims of winter weather.

The trip ended up a success but played out exactly to the tune of the weather forecast. We had rollercoaster conditions with every type of weather throughout the week. Five straight days focused on exploring, boarding and throttle pulling, meant that even with sub-prime conditions there were smiles on everyone’s face at the end of each day.

Starting off with a clear day, we were able to ride some steep lines, the biggest and steepest of the trip. Firm conditions and sled tracks up through the chutes was our only obstacle. The weather quickly transitioned into windy, milky conditions, holding us back to lower elevation woods on day 2. We spent the bulk of the day at a backcountry fire, roasting food and chatting, enjoying a day off.

By day 3 the surface conditions was softening up and would continue to do so, snowing two or three times the predicted amount each night. Touchy avalanche conditions held us back to more mellow terrain near the Boulder Mountain cabin but the snow had greatly improved for creamy sled laps. We finished off the trip with a proper pow day where the sleds were laid over and splashes of snow came over the hood.

Highlight Clips From The Week