2017 Yes 420 Powderhull Snowboard Review

Posted on Apr 25, 2017
2017 Yes 420 Powderhull Snowboard Review
  • Setup: 2017 Yes 420 Powderhull, 154cm
  • Best Use: Resort, All Mountain, Backcountry
  • Highlight: Powerful Pow Assassin
  • Cost: $699
  • Rider Profile: 6’1”, 180lbs, Size 11
  • Score: 10 / 10

Stoked About

This board just flat out rips. I was concerned about the powderhull at first but after riding it in deep snow, you’ll understand very quickly why it exists.

Needs Improvement

There’s an odd feeling while carving on hardpack, but even that is better than expected.





I liked my 2014 420 so much that I figured I had to give the Powderhull model a shot. Since I wanted a longer version of the 420 anyway, I thought the 154 Powderhull was the way to go. I am very pleased with my decision and this may be the funnest board I’ve ever ridden. It floats and butters like no other and has a totally different feel from the regular 420. It’s stiffer and more powerful, but also has a completely different shape. It’s a bit narrower and is more pointed in the nose. This board wants to be ridden on deep days, but does surprisingly well when the mountain doesn’t get as much snow as you expected. If your comfortable with the idea of the Powderhull, then don’t think twice; this board is a must for any quiver.